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Artist Biography

Attitude Creative Co., Ltd

Co-Founder, Art Consultancy 


Textile Art Curation& Branding

Art Design Consultancy& Visual Advisor 

Business Development 

Sustainability Design 

FashionShow Curation

Trend/ Concept Film

Fabric Sourcing

Textile Design and Development 

lululemon  (LULU. NASDAQ)

Raw Material Global Production

Global Fabric Supply Chain Management 

Knit Fabric Development

Innovations R&D Proposals

Sustainability Development

MAKALOT   (1477.TW)

R&D / Marketing Dept.

- Seasonal Active/ RTW Trend analysis 
- WGSN/ PV Paris / Market Survey

- Customized design & Innovative Dev.
- Textile Design Dev. Weft/Warp Knit Pattern    
- Jacquard / Prints/ Seamless w/3D CLO

- CSR/ Green Production 
- Sustainability


R&D Manager


Textile Curation in Premiere Vision Paris,

High Performance Textiles Development.

Handling projects in technical fabrics, aesthetics, and combining a complex range of all kinds of fabrics into a new arrangement of textiles for seasonal product development. certainly enhanced design philosophy, transforming the poetic descriptions of the trend forecasts, and absorbs concept from all kinds of art & design areas.


RUENTEX   (9945.TW)

Textile Designer

June 2006 – May 2010 

- CAD Design for Y/D Patterns.
- Brand's Project Development.

New York Branch office as CAD artist for top Brand Designers
 involved in my artwork and become a melting-pot of creativity.




Christie London 


Art Business Certification    Distinction grade

Art Business Plan - Attitude Creative / Copenhagen.DK 

National Taiwan University

2019 – 2022.  Master of Business Administration 

Entrepreneurship and innovation MBA 

Royal College of Art,  London

Master of Arts - MA.   2014 

Woven, Textile Art Mixed media

Shu-Te University

Bachelor Degree, Fashion and Textile Design    2003 – 2006
Provided me with a strong foundation in design thinking and other essential skills, and led me to win first prize in textiles in Taiwan in 2005 with my piece entitled “Desolate Desert” – a deep reflection of a soul shrouded in a natural scenery image of a handloom and complicated dobby weaving, 

interested in all fields of art and design, particularly design within digital media, such as textiles, film and technical textiles field. Textiles have influence all areas of my art, whether it is pressing textures into different kinds of end uses, such as apparel, interior, and home textiles, or more abstract applications.


Grants & Awards

2017  "Time Lapse" collection Best of New Talent Designer 2017

/Taiwan Art Festival in Taipei,


2002   Textile award Frist Prize-“Desolate Desert”

/Taiwan Textile Federation 


2011   Design workshop in Paris -France Branding course

/ Taiwan Design Center


2013   Branding Marketing workshop in New York

/ Taiwan Design Center






Adobe Photoshop/ InDesign. Illustrator/ Premiere/ AfterEffect

Office/excel/powerpoint/ Photography Lightroom / sonyVegas / 





2012 The overview textiles industries in Taiwan, Textiles

Taiwan Design Center


2013 Tutor -Textiles summer course/

Shu-Te University Fashion Design, Textiles






"Time Lapse" 2007- 2017  Amelia Peng






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