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âme: soul, delicate

Based In:  London, Paris, Taipei

Amelia Peng is an artist, textile designer and specialises in R&D Innovation. While attempting to find a medium to portray her visual interpretations of materials and ideas. Her aesthetic creations have been awarded the Best Talent Designer in 2007, showcased in exhibitions, including "Time Lapse" collection for the 2017 Art Festival, textiles have been featured in exhibitions, private events and festivals including Première Vision Paris (2011~ 2016 ), ISPO Award Munich 2014, 2015, and London Design Biennale 2023. 


Her expertise encompasses project design, creation, planning, management, advanced concepts, and sustainable strategies, reflecting her innovative vision. She has worked as a textile designer for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Burberry, fabric R&D projects for Hermès, Adidas, Nike, and global supply chain for lululemon. Focusing on research and development for forecasting future sustainable textiles. Guided by empathy, equality, and entrepreneurship, she aspires to weave a vision infused with kindness and faith in the will of God.

Art Curation & Branding

Textile Design Consultancy, Visual Direction

Business Design Development 

Sustainability Design 

Textile Trend, Advance Concept

Innovative Textile Design and Development

Project Design, Planning

Project Management

London Design Biennale 

Project Curation, Artistic Designer

Pavilion : Inner Peace 

Royal College of Art,  London 

MA Textiles   Project : Music-Mind-Textiles

Innovative Smart Textiles, Soft system

Christie London 

Art Business Certification  

National Taiwan University 

Master of Business Administration 

Entrepreneurship and innovation MBA  


"Time Lapse" 2007- 2017 Amelia Peng


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