âme: soul, delicate

Amelia Peng is an artist, textile designer and material R&D based in Taipei, Taiwan. While attempting to find a medium to portray her visual interpretations of materials and ideas, textiles proved to be the ideal process by which she could convey these images. She has been extremely passionate about Textiles & Art Design ever since attending college of Fashion Design in Taiwan where she learned major basics in Woven textiles and fashion marketing.

She suspend admission qualification of Art Master of Textiles Woven from Royal College of Art in London, and start career working for brand's fabric suppliers in R&D department, as a CAD artist for Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein. Following several years doing commercial textile design proposals for fashion-sports' brand such as Helly Hansen, adidas, Nike...etc, and research development for Hermes, Lanvin, agnes.b.. it’s associated with ready-to-wear, luxury, mass-production, and standards of perfection. These experiences inspired her works towards art conception and mixed technical aspect.

Her aesthetic textiles have been featured in exhibitions and festivals including recently presented "Time Lapse" collection for the 2017 Taiwan Art Festival in Taipei, where she was awarded Best of New Talent Designer in 2007. In addition, Amelia's designs are in numerous private collections. In his work Amelia often uses contemporary ideas combines with traditional technique, knitting, weaving, printing, lamination, seamless to future textiles.

She went on to pursue other avenues of photography and film to presenting visual possibilities of textiles. Amelia is interested in art poetic, vintage and innovative fabrics, adventurous travel, and finding the design aspects in everyday life. Focus a lot of attention on the research and development for forecasting sustainable textiles. Achieve professionalism and excellence as a textile explorer.

" I have been extremely passionate about Textiles & Art Design.

 Focus a lot of attention on the research and development for forecasting future textiles. Achieve similar professionalism and excellence as a textile artist.

Never stop learning.I believe that the diversity of my passion and dedication to my artwork shows that I am able to organize my time effectively and find balance in my life.

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